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Bad Guy Splyfamunn

Styleist DMP
a.k.a. Marc Leclerque

Bad Guy Splyfamunn Styleist DMP a.k.a. Marc Leclerque
BadGuy SplyFaMunn Styleist DMP born on 01.03.1985, started rapping and writing lyrics as a loner in ’97. Since early childhood he isolated himself from the outside world to make music. In his lyrics he likes to deal with the inhospitable situation of people and with the questions they ask themselves, but does not miss to bounce thick beats in a party mood.
DJ Nikotin was born on 13.01.85 and started DJing and scratching at the age of 12.
He had his first gigs with the crew Creme Fresh through which he met Styleist DMP in 2001.
Styleist DMP and jumped in as a substitute DJ. Since then he was responsible for Styleist`s Cutz on album and
Half a year later the professional life pushed itself between the two and Nikotin started an apprenticeship as a carpenter, which he broke off again in 2002 for musical reasons. Unfortunately, due to the apprenticeship and Nikotin’s current crew, the contact to DMP had fallen into the background.
Styleist is currently working on three more solo projects, which he wants to release later.
When DMP joined Soundstars in ’04, Nikotin parted ways with his crew and dedicated his talents to the single
the single “Fliege” for which he produced the beatz. In addition, the album project
“from A-Z” was in the foreground. The beatz were split 50/50, Styleist/MastersBeatz. In terms of
Vocals DMP is in the foreground is featured by Kamillion(LA), J-Nastick(DomRep),
DogLiquid Smart(MUC) and Cutz by Nikotin.