D.O Double Dars

Fuck You - Mixtape
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D.O Double Dars
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D.O Double Dars aka Dars

Fuck You - Mixtape
Rap - Hip Hop - RnB

D.O Double Dars, also known as Dars, is an up and coming German rapper known for his unique style. His mixtape “Fuck You” has garnered a lot of attention and his music is not for the faint of heart.

With biting lyrics and a rebellious attitude, Dars has created his own niche. His tracks like “Wir Cruisen”, “Was Geht Ab” and “Bitchezz” are energetic and don’t allow for compromise. He delivers provocative lyrics and captivating hooks that definitely stay in your ear.

Dars has already proven his skills on various stages in German-speaking countries. From Munich to Berlin, he has thrilled audiences in hip venues and pubs with his explosive performance.

His music is a mix of dirty party lyrics and a rebellious attitude that expresses what many think but don’t say. Dars is definitely an up and coming talent who is making a splash with his mixtape “Fuck You”. Be on the lookout for more tracks from Dars, because he definitely has a lot more up his sleeve!