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Voice Recording, Dubbing & E-Learning at Soundstarstudios | Recording and Music Studio in Munich!

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Soundstarstudios | Recording and Music Studio in Munich provides you with High End Quality. We are specialised in productions for amateurs and professionals.

Our recording studio offers various packages. From the idea to the finished product. No annoying detours – fast and reliable from one source. 

Recording Rooms

Are you looking for recording facilities? In the recording studio Munich we have 2 professionally soundproofed recording rooms.

The recording rooms have enough space for a complete band, a large studio drum set, vocal recordings with up to 15 people, or various instruments. The small recording room alone has space for up to 3 people. We can record up to 3 audio mixes simultaneously and isolated in the recording studio in Munich – even completely contactless! The actor in the booth keeps track of the session, text, participants, time and other information via 2 large screens in the booth in real time.

Video recording in the recording rooms is possible at any time – even in 4K! Our film setup is already built into the studio and booth. Book a simultaneous filming in the mixing and recording room or a video conference via VOIP e.g. via ZOOM Meeting, Source-Connect, SessionLinkPro, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. This way you can be there live and communicate directly with all artists and technicians on site.

Our recording rooms are among the best! You can rely on a professional recording and tips with us. Soundstarstudios – recording studio & music studio in Munich.

Recording rooms are decoupled and feature fully jacketed damping elements handcrafted by the room acoustician, up to 192-symetric signal connections, tube class A preamps, noise-free-digital-audio-streaming-channels like Toslink-Madi-Dante, native-real-time DSP processing, up to 32-individual-headphone mixes, closed high-resolution headphones, cameras and video streaming channels over NDI and HDMI, a diverse selection of microphones, instruments and plug-ins – to suit all your needs. 


Photo Studio and Green Screen

Photo studio and green screen studio at Soundstarstudios – Tonstudio & Musikstudio in Munich, we create CD covers and images. These are for digital distribution, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Furthermore, Soundstarstudios has various backgrounds, professional film lighting and HHS Speedlite flashes.

Green screen backgrounds are particularly suitable for creative music videos, broadcast live streaming and short videos.

In terms of technical equipment, we offer various cameras, steadicam, gimbal, crane and dolly systems.