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Erich Kanli

Als Bonze Sterben

The profound experiences in his life are what Erich Kanli always lets flow into his song lines: hard, unadorned, aggressive, bitter like life itself, but then again emotional and humorous, but always honest, these are the songs and text lines that are made not to remain unheard. Simply always on the limit and ready to process everything experienced to kick the “hypocritical fog” in the ass for the world out there.

His inspiration is this life. Not just any life, a dreamy or a self-lying, but the HERE and NOW – what Erich Kanli sees and has experienced and will still experience – simply “uncut” his lyrics to create a picture where no one can look away.

With his already published songs, a modern sound image and his own label “Roxxstar Independent” the born Rügener and rooted in Würzburg has already begun to pave his own way. Not quite level yet, always a bit curvy
but with charged energy ready to anchor his way rock solid in the music business!