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Kühe machen Mühe

The Wiesn 2009 hit comes from the Hallertau!

Dellnhausen/Munich The Wiesn 2009 is getting closer and closer. As every year, the question arises as to which song has a chance of becoming the Wiesn hit this year.

A hot contender is the new PowerZiach song “Kühe machen Mühe”. The Wiesn 2009 can come! Buy now

What does Powerziach mean?

Power, that means strength. Behind Powerziach stands Martin Kraft.
So the word Power is not so far away.

Ziach is an old Bavarian expression for accordion, Quetschn. Because most of the music, besides the guitar, is mainly played with the accordion, this part of the name doesn’t come from somewhere.

Doesn’t that contradict each other? The modern word “Power” and the old Bavarian expression “Ziach”?

Not at all! Powerziach combines tradition and modernity.

That means, among other things, traditional folk music with modern lyrics. Partly traditional folk music is newly arranged or even new songs are written by myself. The “Chatroom-Zwiefache”, written and texted by me, was awarded third place at the Josef Eberwein Prize at the 1st Dellnhauser Folk Music Festival and recorded together with Steffi Thumann as the duo “Hopfen und Malz ” under the title “Internet Song” at the BR.

But these are also songs in the style of songwriters with Bavarian, time-critical lyrics. Of course, traditional folk music also belongs in the program. But why not break new ground? Standstill means regression. That’s the way it is in music, too.

Is that all there is in the program of Power-Ziach? No, you can find out more about this on this website under “Info Powerziach”. And the program will be extended as you wish. I play almost everything you sing to me extemporaneously, without any notes.

But what does unplugged mean?

Well, unplugged stands for electronically unadulterated music. So, pure music…. Original and genuine stands for the presentation of the program and does not need to be explained in detail.