Bine Sareck

Schlager | Ich Fall Wieder Auf Dich Rein
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Bine Sareck

Ich Fall Wieder Auf Dich Rein
Süchtig Nach Dir

Soundstarrecords presents Bine Sareck with her new German hit song Süchtig Nach Dir, composed and written by Wolfgang Gerrer.

The song Süchtig Nach Dir is a danceable Schlager earworm in the style of the 70s, sung by the likeable singer Bine Sareck, who has already appeared as the lead singer of the dance band Dream Team, among others.

The chorus with recognition effect is kept simple and definitely to sing along. The singing is supported by a driving rhythm, which moves young people to dance and older people at least to clap. Dedicated to all women who fall for crazy guys and all men who think they are one.